Our Supply Chain Policy

As Durma, we take all the measures to ensure customer satisfaction in marketing and sales of our products and services.

We quickly meet the needs of customers regarding the product and service purchased and notify them about the delays without waiting for the deadline. Within this scope, we assign a sales representative for each customer and regularly inform our customers regarding the products they have purchased. We transfer the requests received from our customers to the relevant departments and ensure that they are resolved.

In order to ensure especially for our suppliers working as a sub-industry to achieve the targeted quality, we check the production processes and conduct periodic inspections on the suppliers.

We comply with the quality standards in all processes and products with the quality management system implemented in Durma and its companies and attach importance to maintaining the standard. Within the scope of trade secrets, we care about the confidentiality of the information related to customers and suppliers.

As Durma, we adopt it as a principle to act in accordance with the applicable local and national laws, regulations and requirements in the manufacturing, supply, shipment, and customs procedures of all supply materials.

In order to ensure a continuously developing, safe, secure and healthy workplace that is respectful to environment and natural resources, we establish management systems such as;

– Quality (ISO9001),

– Environment (ISO14001),

– Occupational Health and Safety (OHSA 18001),

– Information Security (ISO27001) and conduct appropriate and effective studies that check the activities.

Durmazlar expects that all its suppliers act in accordance with the following principles;

– Preventing child labor and acting in accordance with all applicable local and national laws,

– Respecting human rights, not discriminating and offering equal conditions to its employees,

– Protecting the environment and health of the workers, and acting in accordance with the rules and regulations related to this subject,

– Acting in accordance with the legislations related to the health and safety of workers,

– Conducting the business within commercial honesty and in accordance with relevant laws, and avoiding bribery and fraudulent practices

Taking honesty, transparency and ethical conduct that will be accepted nationally and internationally as the basis and complying with the laws.