Press Brakes are used to bend sheet metal. It is a manufacturing equipment used to bend various types of sheet metal. Large sheet metal can be bent, due to its strong and powerful structure. Press brakes are useful and necessary machines for many different manufacturing needs. Press Brakes are usually used in the manufacturing of furniture, automotive panels, frames and containers. However, the list is long and press brakes are used in all types of different manufacturing processes that necessitate bending of metal. Some press brakes are also used in shaping metal artwork. Press brakes can vary in the amount of force they can apply.

Different manufacturing needs, and different thickness of the sheet metal that needs bending, necessitates a varying amount of force. Tonnage is the measure of tons of force that one press brake can apply. Usually, hydraulic presses can achieve high tonnages. Depending on your businesses’ needs, different press brakes are used and manufactured.

It is also important to note that different press brakes have different speeds and accuracies. When choosing a press brake, you should pay attention to what you need and what the machine you choose can deliver. Servo electric press brakes have higher accuracies while hydraulic press brakes are more powerful. In choosing a press brake, make sure you specify your specific needs, and find a machine that can deliver those needs.

How Do Durma Press Brakes Work?

A press brake lowers a punch onto sheet metal, applying force and thus bending it. A press brake can bend the sheet metal in question multiple times to achieve the desired form. Bending sheet metal needs a large amount of force. Press brake machines are strong, durable equipment and it is necessary for them to be able to do consecutive bends. There are different types of press brakes. These types are: hydraulic, electric or mechanical brakes. Usually, the method of force a press brake machine uses is named in the machine. Such as hydraulic press brakes or electric press brakes.

What Are the Advantages of a Durma Press Brake?

One of the main advantages of a press brake is that a press brake will make your business self-reliant for your bending needs. You won’t need to outsource your bending needs.

Secondly, with advancing technology, there are many press brakes that are energy-efficient. These advanced machines will save you in energy bills.

Thirdly, with an automatic press brake, you will save in manpower.

Durma Press Brake Machines are durable. They will be with you for long and productive years. You will save time, energy and manpower due to out cutting-edge technology. Our R&D team continuously works to ensure that your machine is the best the market has to offer. Moreover, you will benefit from Durma after-sales services, we will be with you every step of the way.

The Technology of Durma Press Brakes

Durma Press Brake Machines are equipped with:

  1. Aluminum back gauge systems,
  2. Front sheet supports,
  3. Precise hydraulic system,
  4. Durma licensed upper table sliding system,
  5. Euro type punch holders,
  6. High speed and stroke Y1-Y2 bending axis,
  7. CE level safety standards.

How to Choose the Right Press Brake for Your Business?

In choosing the right press brake for your business, you need to consider the type and thickness of metal that you are going to bend. There are different types of metals, which vary in their properties. While aluminum materials are easier to bend, durable steel will need a higher amount of force to be bent. Specify your needs while you are in the consideration period of purchasing a press brake. Make sure the machine you choose is adaptable to your business’ needs. Moreover, you need to look at the bending force you need. The die opening with which the press brake applies the force to bend the metal, is another important consideration.

Why Should You Choose Durma?

Business, like life, is a journey. With Durma machines, you will overcome all obstacles and surmount all challenges that business presents. We will be with you every step of the way. We know that your growth is our growth, and that your success is our success. As Durma, we manufacture machines that are durable, flexible and innovative. We aim for excellence in all our machines. We build trust with our customers to produce flawless tools. Our cutting-edge technology will get you clear-cut results, fast, with perfection.

Durma, means ‘Keep going’. With Durma you will progress and produce continuously.