Our Quality Policies

Our Horizon

Being the first company to bring technology to the markets we operate

Our Reason For Existence

We are an organization that brings quality and advanced technology together with users, appreciates its stakeholders and provides solutions by following the ethical rules and respecting the nature, laws and humanity in sheet processing machinery industry.

For us, the customers of DURMAZLAR MAKİNA;

  • Companies that use our products while advancing on this path,
  • Our dealers who market our products,
  • Our employees who produce our products,
  • Our suppliers that we provide the materials and workmanship required for our products,
  • It is the society and the environment that provide or are affected by the necessary resources for our products.


– Using our quality system as a management tool,

– To monitor the efficiency of our system and to improve it continuously,

-To create a leadership phenomenon within the organization and to raise awareness among all our employees,

– Creating and maintaining the necessary resource


Our Values

We are committed to the law and the code of ethics. We comply with the laws and ethical rules in all our actions, relations and keep our promises by being honest and open and be a pioneer and example in reliability, consistency virtues.

We follow innovations and grow together. We follow the developments in the industry and technology and support the development of creativity skills based on the principles of continuous learning, innovation and improvement. We care about the active and competent participation of employees in management and decision processes, ensuring clarity in decisions and transparency in practice with this approach.

First, we make sure that we like our product and end up with quality work. We offer products and services in accordance with the universal standards and at the planned time, quality and costs. We achieve our goals by associating them with the business results through measurable and traceable parameters.

Our stakeholders are the reason for our existence, and we make sure that they’re satisfied with the work. We see our stakeholders as the reason for our existence and ensure customer satisfaction by providing them with value-added and quality services.

We find a common ground for our company and take strength from each other. We work in harmony in line with the common goals and values by being aware of our responsibilities and always considering the interests of the country and the company.