Our Social Conformity Policy

• We are aware of our responsibility to the society.

– We acknowledge humility as a part of the self-values of respect to the human and being close to the public and consider acting with a sense of social responsibility in all our activities as one of the fundamental and integral elements of our management approach.

– Within this scope, we manage the economic, social and environmental impacts of the activities that we carry out in all of our companies with a sense of responsibility and prioritize the development of the society on our agenda.

– We do not take our sense of social responsibility as limited to our business activities and their effects; we define it by considering what is best for the society and the environment.

– We pay attention to taking a leading role in activities towards protecting the democracy, human rights, and environment

• Based on the principle that culture and arts are one of the most important factors in the development of a society;

– We support several culture, arts and sports events and play a role in the development of our country on these areas, especially of our center, Bursa.

– In addition to the support we provide to culture and arts festivals, we also support the sports activities in our country.

• We work for the “sustainable development” with our pioneering activities.

– With an understanding of social responsibility, we create economic benefits by providing employment, growth, and added-value in the countries where we operate.

– We also take a pioneering role in social and environmental matters since the day we were established.

– We develop and implement projects to improve the social standards and remove the barriers on the way to the sustainable development.

• We do not accept discrimination among our employees.

– We do not accept discrimination among employees in our companies due to language, religion, race, sect, color, gender, political thought, belief, age, physical disability, and similar reasons.

– We create a positive and harmonious working environment that supports cooperation, prevent conflicts, and ensure that people with different beliefs, thoughts, and opinions work in a harmony.

– We encourage our employees to be volunteers in appropriate social activities, where they will take part with a sense of social responsibility.

• We are aware of our responsibility to the environment.

– Beyond our legal obligations, we expect our companies to support all kinds of initiatives that will help the development and spread of environmentally friendly technologies and also increase environmental awareness.

– We take care of fulfilling our social and environmental responsibilities to the society in all countries that we operate within a harmonious cooperation with our shareholders, employees, the public, civil society organizations and our other stakeholders.

– We manage the environmental impacts that may arise from any of our activities with a sense of responsibility.

– We are obliged to determine and implement all kinds of improvement and development works that will minimize the negative effects of all our activities on the environment.

  • We act sensitively towards the traditions and cultures of Turkey as well as other countries where we operate, and act in accordance with all legal regulations. We encourage our companies to comply with the international standards and certify their practices.