Flexible Turnkey Projects

Durma Machinery carries out innovative activities based on the Industry 4.0 platform application in all its projects produced under the DURMA brand. In this context, we carry out successful works that will improve the sector in projects performed with efficiency, quality, system integration and automation activities.

Breaking grounds in cutting area with the laser technologies and bending area with CNC bending centers, Durmazlar has started implementing projects with the automation systems created by the integration of these systems that are operator-free, focused on the customer production plan, allowing remote access, monitored with the cloud management, meeting the automation and automation criteria and prioritizing data security by targeting the smart factories.

It will be the first company to implement the Smart Factory goal in the sector that can automatically perform the process steps according to the customer production plan and provide production, transportation, instant process tracking, error and failure management of all steps from raw material to the final product.

Automatic Bending Production Lines and High-Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Lines are the combined working stations developed to produce bearing bodies of wind turbines used in the energy sector, lighting and bearing poles of stadiums, large business centers, etc. and products such as pipes, tanks, etc. in specific cylindrical structure.

High-capacity tandem CNC-controlled press brakes equipped with back gauge and pre-feeding systems that will increase the production speed, cylindrical bending machines with high bending precision, punch machines developed with servo systems and providing efficiency and precision are among the customer-specific technological solutions of Durma Machinery.

Durmazlar will continue to bring the machines and systems into existence with the right technology needed by customers.