Customer Satisfaction Policy

As Durmazlar Makina Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., we operate in the field of sheet processing machines manufacturing.

Our goal is to bring customer satisfaction to the top level within the framework of our fundamental principles and continuously develop with the feedbacks received from customers.

Our Fundamental Principles:

In line with transparency and objectivity that are included in our fundamental principles, from the moment that our customers reach us via the communication channels (WEB, e-mail, Call Center, Social Media); their requests, opinions and complaints are recorded and responded within 24 hours. In line with ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management Standard; we meet the feedbacks, demands and needs received from our customers and suppliers with all communication channels of our company without looking after any financial responsibility and expectation.

We consider all the information we obtain in line with our relationships with customers on the basis of the protection of personal data.

We continuously train our employees with the aim of managing and improving the customer satisfaction and feedback process and increase their awareness.

Customer satisfaction and feedbacks are regularly measured, analyzed, and shared with the process owners. These analyses are used in line with our principle of continuous development.

As in our other processes, we carry out our process by complying with all legal and regulatory requirements in our processes related to customers.