Customers prefer various cutting machines for different materials depending on the sector. The possibilities offered by the technology we have today make products possible, which allows the completion of various processes depending on the material thickness and dimensions. In order to achieve this, the use of various machines is required. One of these machines is the profile bending machine. However, customers wonder about many issues such as what the profile bending machine does and what are the features of these machines.

Profile bending applications performed through profile bending machine plays an extremely significant role in design parts. The products obtained as a result of profile bending applications are of a wide variety in areas such as iron-steel goods, decorative manufacturing, steel structure, and machine manufacturing.

Profile bending machine is one of the machines used for performing cold bending of profiles of various shapes and sizes. Profile bending machines are mainly used in the metalworking field. They are known to be ideal machines for bending tubular profiles and flat bars. Besides, these machines are also preferred for bending beams, and “U” profiles. In this article, as Durmazlar, we will answer in detail your concerns about profile bending machines.

What Is Profile Bending Machine?

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Playing a very significant role in the manufacture of design parts, profile bending application is frequently preferred in areas such bending processes, iron and steel goods, decorative production, steel structure, and machinery manufacturing. In addition, profile bending machines are used for the cold bending of profiles of various shapes and sizes. These machines are preferred for bending profiles such as tubes, flat bars, profiles, in the metalworking field.

What Are the Functions of the Profile Bending Machines?

Profile bending machines are used for performing cold bending of profiles of various shapes and sizes. Profile bending machines are mainly preferred in the metalworking field. They are also considered among the ideal machines for bending tubes and profiles. Besides, the bending
process, also known as sheet bending, performed through the bending machines allows the sheets to be bent with great precision to obtain the required part geometry.

In order to bend any type of sheet, bending machines must be used. Various bending machines are available such as profile benders, hydraulic and mechanical profile benders, and tube benders. In addition, profile bending machines are often referred to as tube benders used for bending tubular sheets. They are mainly used for bending tubes. Profile benders stand out with their precision and capability.

What Are the Types of Profile Bending Machines?
Profile bending machines are used for reshaping tubes with a certain shape and design. Tube and profile bending is a process applied to metal, alloy, aluminium, titanium, and steel materials.

Various tube and profile bending methods are preferred depending on the material used and the desired degree of precision. Also, depending on such processes, various machines are preferred. For this purpose, there are two types of profile bending machines available. These are as follows:

  1. PBH Profile Bending Machine
  2. PBM Profile Bending Machine

The most commonly used methods are pull-bending, roll-bending, press-bending, and three-roller bending. The three-roller profile bending machine is used for manufacturing workpieces with a high bending radius. The applied method is similar to press-bending, except for the rotation of the working roller and the two fixed cross-rollers. In addition, the areas of use of profile bending machines are also quite diverse. These are as follows:

  • Construction industry
  • Agricultural machinery used in agriculture
  • Automotive manufacturing industry
  • Various accessory equipment
  • Industrial kitchen manufacturing
  • Various machinery
  • Heating and cooling industry
  • Tube and profile bending machines are also widely used in industries such as the furniture industry.

We offer solutions suitable for the needs of our customers in profile bending machine types. In addition, you can easily buy the product you need thanks to the wide product range of profile bending machines suitable for your needs. You can also contact us for your profile processing machine needs.

Features of Profile Bending Machines

Durmazlar profile bending machines cover two different machine types: PBH Profile Bending Machine and PBM Profile Bending Machine. You can find the basic information about these machines below:

1 PBM Profile Bending Machine

 The PBH Profile Bending Machine is a highly useful machine choice for cases where the production line needs to be continuously active. Durmazlar PBH Profile Bending Machine is very fast and easy to use. This machine has powerful curvilinear rollers capable of delivering flawless results. Besides, PBH allows you to save energy.

Profile and tube bending machines are preferred for their capability. Durmazlar PBH is a state-of-the-art bending machine that is efficient, reliable, and durable. The PBH profile bending machine is designed to minimize the cycle time. This machine also offers a high drive torque. Being a durable, reliable, and precise machine, the PBH Bending Machine is extremely long-lasting.

2 PBM Profile Bending Machine

PBM series refers to a machine with large shaft diameters and strong shaft bearings. This feature will allow you to minimize the margin of error. Equipped with hardened and special steel rollers, PBM bending machines will assist you in achieving perfect and accurate bending applications. In addition, they have a long-lasting usage period thanks to their mechanical side supports.

These machines have hydraulic motor-supported cylinders and lower shafts. Besides, they also have a cast body and control panel. Equipped with brake motors, PBM Profile Bending Machines will ensure safety for you. Also, the metal bar bending apparatus, digital display, special cylinder, and special support arms for the bevel in the PBM machine are advantageous equipment that will facilitate your production. As Durmazlar, we are aware that you have different needs and we work non-stop to offer you the latest technology products.

Durmazlar PBM Machines are fast and play a significant role through their energy-saving feature. The tube bender offers maximum flexibility and bending capacity. This machine is vital for variable adjustment of the distance between the side rollers. Durmazlar technology is produced for the optimal alignment of the profile bender. The best bending quality is achieved with minimum deformation of the profile. In short, Durmazlar PBM is an energy-efficient, easy-to-use, and powerful bender.

In this article, as Durmazlar, we have answered in detail your concerns about profile bending machines and types of profile bending machines. By using Durmazlar machines, you can overcome all difficulties. We mainly aim to combine business processes by producing durable, flexible, and innovative machines. We aim for perfection in all our machines and attach importance to our communication with our customers in order to produce flawless machines. Please visit our website and contact us if you need further information about our products.