1935 – 1950

– Born in the village of Işıklar, Bulgaria.
– Graduated from Art School.
– Migrated to Turkey with his family due to war in the region.

1950 – 1970

– Met his profession that he would devote his life at a lathe shop.
– Established Durma Machinery and started producing Textile Machinery first.
-Expanded the production range and produced the first lever shears of Turkey.
– Married Miss Saibe and had 2 children, Fatma and Hüseyin.

1970 – 1980

– He led the founding of Çemtaş Iron and Steel Factory and became a founding member.
– He turned his little shop into a modern production facility of 15 thousand square meters.
– He exported Turkey’s first machine.
– He produced the first guillotine shears and hydraulic press brake.
– His third child Sinan was born.

1980 – 1990

– He introduced the production power of his country to the world in Hannover Turkish products fair.
He brought digital technology to Durmazlar and produced the first CNC Hydraulic Press Brake.

1990 – 2000

– His aim of quality was registered with the first CE ve ISO 9001 certificates of the sector.
– He became the founding member of the Uludağ University Technology Foundation.
– He was the founding member of BUSEB.
– He opened AliDurmaz Primary School.
– He produced the first Hydraulic Punch Press.

2000 – 2004

– He moved Durma Machinery to a new era; to Başköy and Ataevler factories with 25 thousand and 80 thousand square meters of closed areas.
– He produced the first Laser Machine of Turkey.
– He was a delegate in the Union of Chambers of Turkey, a member of the Council in BTSO and a member of the Board of Directors in Busiad.
– He founded the Eğridereliler Association and served as the Chairman.
– He worked in the management of Bal-Böç Association.
– He served in the Board of Directors of Bursaspor.

Ali Durmaz Primary School, which he opened while he was alive, was the first step in a process that would continue after he left us.

The projects he dreamed of while he was alive were brought to Bursa one by one.

– Bursa State Hospital Ali Durmaz Polyclinic in 2004–
– Ali Durmaz Stadium in 2006,
– Saibe Durmaz School of Crafts in 2007 and
– Uludağ University Ali Durmaz Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 2009 started serving the people of Bursa.

And with the aim of ensuring every young person has a profession, the Anatolian Vocational High School project is still ongoing.

Throughout his life, he never made any decision by chance, he never took any random steps, he worked hard, he never spent a moment without purpose and without thinking about the future. He had a deal with life, and he took many valuable lessons from that agreement not just for himself, but for everyone around him.