One of the founding members of Industry 4.0 in Turkey, Durma Machinery shapes its machines by testing them for maximum acceleration and the hardest working conditions in the analysis programs with Industry 4.0 integrated into its production processes. With the obtained data, it develops its products by considering the global production norms.

In a period of increased digitalization of production processes, Durma Machinery has improved its production lines without compromising longevity, durability and efficiency and has started producing machines that communicate with each other through its own cloud technology.

Machines are simulated to best suit the conditions in real working environments with all their components in their design and development in virtual platforms according to Durma Machinery’s production vision. Then, they are compared to the values obtained after production. Thus, the improvements in cutting quality, acceleration, speed, energy consumption, etc. are simulated and tested with real data. The most important benefit for customers also emerges here. High-performance machines ensure lower energy consumption with certified real data. And this means producing more at a lower operation cost. Expenses are calculated more accurately with accurate data and are returned to the business as profit.

After-sales services are also improved with cloud technology. Providing access to Durma machines operating anywhere in the world; thus, serving our customers better is one of our top priorities. Operating anywhere in the world, Durma machines can be assessed instantly from the control unit with the many sensors located on it. In this way, the errors that can pose a risk can be monitored and information can be transferred to users on time.