Bending Line: What is the Lightening Pole Bending Line?

Bending line system of Durma is designed to mass produce lightening poles. Its advantage is speed and efficiency. It can produce in the same standard, and is designed for mass production. Durma values quality, speed and efficiency. This special project is designed to save you manpower, energy and time. It has a hydraulic control system and high carrying capacity. Durma Lightening Pole Bending Line will produce flawless lightening poles.

Lightening Pole Bending Line has:
• Maximum carrying capacity (5 tons )
• Horizontal axes veocities (250 mm/s )
• Vertical axis velocity ( 70 mm/s)
• Vertical axis stroke ( 1100 mm/s )
• Vertical axis following velocity ( 800 mm/s )
• Sheet dimensions (Depth x Lenght 3000
• mm x 18200 mm)
• Rack and pinion drive system
• Hydraulic control system on vertical axis

Why should you choose Durma?

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Durma, means ‘Keep going’. With Durma you will progress and produce continuously.