HRB-3 Cylinder Bending Machine
HRB-3 Cylinder Bending Machine

HRB-3 Cylinder Bending Machine

Hydraulic Bending Machines: HRB-3 Bending Machine

Hydraulic Bending Machines: What is the HRB-3 Plate Roll Bending Machine?

Hydraulic bending machines can come in various varieties.  The Durma HRB-3 is a hydraulic bending machine. More specifically, HRB-3 is called Three Rolls Plate Rolls bending machine. Equipped with Durma technology, it is perfect for medium size bending works. The Durma HRB-3 will offer you the best bending performance. It will offer you bending flexibility. The Durma HRB-3 have a double-sided pre-bending feature. It will provide precision in your bending.

The Durma HRB-3 Three Rolls Plate Rolls are adapted to medium size bending works. They also provide precision and energy-efficiency. Durma bending machines are durable and equipped with innovative Durma technology.

How Does hydraulic bending machines work? How does theHRB-3 Plate Roll Bending Machine Work?

Offering double-sided pre-bending, the HRB-3 machines are ideal for bending, especially for large rolling works. All rollers in HRB-3 machines are driven by high torque gearboxes.

Roller placement can perform the bending process most accurately. It has been obtained as a result of long-term tests and calculations. Side rollers, which are placed on planetary arms, operate on independent arc-shaped orbits. Bends with a diameter of 1.2 times the diameter of the upper roll can be obtained. The side rolls from open to close to the top roll. Therefore, the spring back of the sheet is minimized. Thus, perfect pre-bends are obtained.

It is suitable for bending medium sized materials in versatile jobs. How does the HRB-3 work? To summarize, the sheet is compressed between the side roll and the top roll. The pre bend is done by raising the other side ball to the lowest position. When the sheet is more angled the sheet, better bending is achieved.

What are the advantages of the HRB-3 Plate Roll Bending Machine?

All-steel welded constructions can be bent with HRB-3. The machines have enough strength and rigidity. They are useful for all kinds of bending works. Hydraulic transmission is used in the hydraulic bending machine. Both ends of the machine tool cylinders are put on the slider. The hydraulic bender has an excellent synchronized movement. This is achieved by the sliding block and torsion shaft. Therefore, the mechanical structure of the hydraulic bending machine is stable and reliable. Moreover, HRB-3 is produced with very sensitive tolerances. Secondly, tension elimination is realized in the big welded components. All of the tensioning points are designed with wide radiuses. Thus, the probable weld cracks are eliminated. Cutting-edge Durma technology produces durable, efficient machines.

Why Should You Choose Durmazlar? 

Business, like life, is a journey. With Durma machines, you will overcome all obstacles and surmount all challenges that business presents. We will be with you every step of the way. We know that your growth is our growth, and that your success is our success. As Durma, we manufacture machines that are durable, flexible and innovative. We aim for excellence in all our machines. We build trust with our customers and produce flawless tools. Our cutting-edge technology will get you clear-cut results, fast, with perfection.

Durma means ‘Keep going’. With Durmazlar you will progress and produce continuously.

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